Polka Dot Nail Art

This is a really basic design, and you don’t need any special tools for it! You can create a spring style by using pastel colors, or you can go with darker colors to use during winter months. We promise, you won’t need any previous experience, at all.

It is very easy to make polka dots on the nails. All you need is a toothpick or fine-tipped brush. The best part is that the polka dots are compatible with everything. Flowers, fruits, sailor theme …

With simple techniques, you can be as free as you want. If you want to bring the retro and feminine effect of polka dots to your fingernails, In STEP 3, you can create polka dot quotes.

Step 1

Of materials; black nail polish, white nail polish, wall nail

You can start by applying black nail polish on your fingernails.

Step 2

After applying black nail polish, allow to dry. You put white nail polish on the round nail. Then you mix them on your nails.

Step 3

If a rinse aid is applied to all nails, you can get a much clearer look. I recommend you to complete your polka dot nail polish, especially with black and gray clothes. HAVE FUN!

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