Green Nails for Summer…

What color do you think about when we talk about nature? As many of you say: green! Today we will throw ourselves to nature, and we will grow flowers and plants at home to be close to nature. While you are on holiday, you will choose to relax with the color revel that refreshes us.

Green is everywhere in our life. It can be said that it always gives life and energy to our lives. Green tones have started to be used more on our nails. Dark green reveals a mysterious, apple green vibrant personality, while light green gives softness.

Various green colors and graphic designs, no matter which one, will bring the user a pleasant mood. Green is suitable for all kinds of occasions, going to work, attending activities, vacations, and it is easy to choose the appropriate color and style according to the place and clothing.

The green color will give a strong sense of comfort. If you want to try it, you can choose one of the models we have chosen for you.

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