7 Nail Art Tips For Beginners

Tired of single-color nail polishes on your nails? You want to follow the trends, but are afraid of not getting it? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled the easiest nail art samples for you. Make sure everyone will find at least one example that is suitable for them.

1 . V Shape

After choosing the base color, apply your nail polishes. Let it dry. If you have also decided on the color on which you will make a V shape, very stylish nails are waiting for you.

2. Christmas tree

The base color should of course be red. In your ring finger, you should choose a green tone to reflect the New Year spirit. Put white dots on your thumb with the help of a toothpick. Make a V on your middle finger with the green you rub on your ring finger. Put green scales on it so that you can see the Christmas tree image.

3 . Stylish spots

Here is one of the simplest examples for beginner nail art enthusiasts. As simple as stylish. You can decorate your nails with nail polishes of different colors, and you can put colorful spots on them with the help of a toothpick. The choice of colors is of course yours.

4 . Rainbow effect

If you want to capture the rainbow image on your nails, we recommend you pass your brightest colored nail polishes. After choosing your nail polishes, the job is to apply your nail polishes on your nails in horizontal and thin strips. You don’t have to do this in neat bands.

5 . Purple french

There is probably no one who does not like the French nail polish style. Doesn’t it make your nails look great? This time, how about trying french style with different colors?

6 . Sim appeal

Do not you think the nails decorated with me look amazing? All you have to do to have these stylish nails is to use a nail polish in nude tones as a base color. With the help of a sponge, spread the nails on your nails as you wish. Once dry, you are ready everywhere.

7 . Festival Nail Art

You do not need to have long nails for festival nail art use. For these nails, which look good on short nails, all you need to do is paint some of your nails black and some on white. Put white spots on your nails painted with black, and black spots on your nails painted with white. Choose one of the black nails, and stick the tiny silver stones on it.

It is possible to reproduce these examples. Come on, now it’s time to use your creativity and find your own models. We suggest you browse through other models we have chosen for you.

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